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I can help you with a variety of your commercial property management needs, including lease agreements, lease reviews and lease extensions, dilapidation, appraisal advice, real estate advice, investment advice, rent collection and general landlord and tenant issues. I am a Senior Manager at KWB Property Management, a Chartered Land Surveyor and Chartered Appraiser. Specializing in property management and professional counseling, my work benefits from a broader vision that emerges from a history in general medicine. School counselors do not enjoy the confidentiality or communication privileged by law, except in cases where a student seeks help to overcome a drug and/or alcohol problem. However, privacy policies exist in a variety of professional and legal documents. o Access to human and technological resources for support and information I work closely with KWB Property Management managers, Les Balla and Mark Lenton, helping them provide a comprehensive, accurate and reliable service. From a commercial property management perspective, I understand that as an independent owner or head of a family trust, you need a knowledgeable contact person who can look after your interests. Security comes from the real estate expertise you need when you need it – so things are always on track. I appreciate the importance of personal contact. The school board program in Carroll County is aligned with the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) national model. The primary goal of all school counselors is to encourage and enhance student learning across three broad areas of student development: academic development, career development, and social/emotional development. o Recognize and appreciate individual and cultural differences At KWB Property Management, we don`t just focus on your existing users, we also want to reposition your property. We advise and facilitate changes to your property that give it a competitive advantage – based on our unique industry and local market knowledge.

I have extensive experience in property management and supportive housing associations, student residences and several public sector departments. Although a broad definition of confidentiality is not provided to advisors by law, counselors are expected to treat student information ethically. Advisors will not share information with others unless a person has a legitimate, recognized and educational need for the information; whether a student intends to harm themselves or another person; when the parent of a student or emancipated student makes a written statement authorizing the disclosure of information; or in other situations provided by COMAR. By law, counselors will keep confidential information about a student seeking help with a drug or alcohol problem. James has managed cleaning services for a variety of sectors and industries, including offices, schools and large retail units, allowing him to fully understand clients` cleaning needs. James has a proven track record of implementing cleaning systems specifically tailored to customer needs and conducting regular proactive audits of the service. I am a property manager at KWB Residential, which is part of KWB Commercial Property Specialists. We offer residential property management the RICS registered commercial pedigree of KWB`s multidisciplinary practice. Jacob Davies, Account Assistant, has a passion for accuracy and getting things done right and on time. As a former British swimmer, he supports Jonathan Tedstone and his team in all areas of property accounting with determination and communication skills that provide quick solutions to any accounting problem.

I am an experienced appraiser and RICS registered side and work at KWB Commercial Property Specialists in Birmingham as a Head of Appraisal and Leasing Advice. Parents and students are asked to contact the school counsellor to discuss any issues. Questions, concerns or comments regarding the school counselling program should be directed to the school counselling supervisor or client. We take great pride in our work and your property, the implementation of planned maintenance, transparent budget control and the day-to-day management of the myriad requirements of good property management. Nicola Fagan oversees School Counseling, a program that employs 82 school counsellors and alternative intervention specialists. Christie McCubbin acts as a school counselling mentor, providing school counsellors with professional learning and support in the development and implementation of their programs. Trustees are on staff at each of the Carroll County schools. They offer a variety of services for students, parents and staff. I work on behalf of residents and landlords to advise them on rent reviews, rent interruptions and lease extensions. For users, this includes activities such as realigning leases, improving the security of your tenancy, and negotiating rent-free periods and rent reductions. I am a Senior Surveyor at KWB Property Management.

We manage a portfolio of office, industrial, retail and mixed-use projects for real estate companies, management companies and private owners in the Midlands and beyond. o Develop communication, citizenship and employability skills to make positive contributions to the community I am a property manager at KWB Property Management, part of KWB Commercial Property Specialists. We manage a portfolio of office, industrial, retail and mixed-use projects in the Midlands on behalf of various property companies and private owners. We understand that communication is crucial for guests and residents, especially residents, because their home is so personal to them. Students may choose to make an appointment with the counsellor, or the counsellor may make an appointment with the pupil on the recommendation of a teacher, administrator, parent or other person making a legitimate reference. While students are encouraged to keep appointments, they may decline an appointment by notifying the school counselor or other professional at the school board centre and indicating the reason for the rejection of the appointment. Classroom instruction taught by trustees is considered part of the prescribed counseling program, as described in the Maryland Code of Regulations (COMAR). Therefore, all students must remain in class during these lessons. As a RICS qualified property appraiser with 30 years of experience, I have developed an in-depth understanding of a variety of property types, industry processes and property management procedures. All consultants have been trained in at least nine different counselling approaches.

During counselor training, they have the opportunity to practice each of the individual theories and the specific techniques of each theory during classroom role-playing activities. Consultants further develop their consulting skills through internships and internships where they work with real clients in a supervised environment. In schools where there is more than one counsellor, students are assigned to a counsellor in alphabetical order or by grade level. This is done to balance the workload of counsellors and to focus on the development needs of different grade levels. While it is preferable for the student to work with the assigned counselor, it is recognized that there are times when another counselor can better meet specific needs or better match the student`s personality. If this is the case, the student may request another advisor. This request can be made directly to the counsellor the student wishes to see, or through the principal or vice-principal. My real estate expertise and reputation has grown over a 20+ year career in the region`s commercial real estate market.