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NC REALTORS offers many legal documents and manuals® to help you run your business as efficiently as possible. Read the Model Office Policy Manual to build and maintain a strong real estate office, or use the buyer`s or seller`s recommendations to help your clients buy and sell their properties. The legal hotline gives you free and unlimited access to quick solutions so you can get back to your customers and business. Whether you have questions about forms, contracts, code of ethics, commission disputes or real estate licensing law. NC REALTORS lawyers® have created articles and questions and answers on a variety of legal topics that are highly relevant to your real estate practice. These appear in Insight magazine, NC REALTORS®` weekly newsletter, and other media, and have been archived and curated so you can easily find one you might be interested in. As you navigate the fast-paced housing market, NC REALTORS` legal advisors and their services allow you to navigate uncharted® legal territory for you. Our in-house counsel monitors, reports and acts on potential legal issues related to laws, regulations and policies governing the real estate sector to protect the interests of our members. With access to the Legal Helpline, weekly questions and answers, manuals, technical helpline and ombudsman program, you`ll never again waste valuable time scratching your head or biting your nails on legal issues. Find an epic solution with NC REALTORS® Legal Services. *If each request and the resulting search correspond to one hour of legal advice. Real estate professionals, brokers and REFTOR associations will find the latest information on® legal issues in the real estate sector, as well as important information and tools for risk management. Watch the monthly Window on the Law video series for quick tips on how to navigate current legal issues, sift through hundreds of legal case summaries to understand the impact of recent court decisions, and check out the latest current broker risk reduction topics.

NC REALTORS have free and unlimited access to NC REALTORS`®® legal helpline. Did you know that a call to a real estate lawyer costs an average of $250 per hour? With just one call to the legal helpline, you paid the NC REALTORS fee® in full for one year. In 2021, our legal team answered more than 6,700 calls and emails, representing a cumulative savings of $1,675,000*. It`s an epic value! In addition, as a condition of membership, Realtors agree to resolve contractual disputes and® specific non-contractual disputes in accordance with Section 17 of the NAR Code of Ethics. The Commission investigates complaints against licensees. The Commission invites nominations for the Larry A. Outlaw Award for Excellence in Education. Download the guidelines and nomination form for detailed information on the selection criteria and nomination process. The nomination deadline is Friday, January 14, 2022 at 5:00 p.m.

Eastern Time. Questions may An ALTOR® is more than a real estate agent; Real estate brokers and agents have a background in ethics for both their relations with the public and the real estate® community. The REALTOR® Code of Ethics is the cornerstone of ethics education from the National Association of REALTORS. It manages real® estate agents and also shows the public the level of commitment, training and dedication to their profession that each NAR member possesses. ® The Commission publishes brochures on various subjects. Members and staff of the North Carolina Real Estate Commission are concerned about the health and safety of our licensees and the public. For the protection of all, our building will be closed to all visitors from Monday, March 23, 2020. The Commission remains open for business by telephone, email and, including applications, web forms and more. Want updates on new courses, discounts, and important information you need? Register below. All communications to the Ombudsman or NC REALTORS® – whether written or oral – are confidential and may not be disclosed to third parties for any reason (except for the transmission of information and results between employees and the Ombudsman).

In rare cases, ethics complaints and requests for arbitration will be handled by NC REALTORS and not by a local association of real estate®® agents. These complaints and requests will be dealt with according to the same procedures, with some modifications. If your ethics complaint or request for arbitration is handled by NC REALTORS,® the Code of Professional Conduct and Arbitration Handbook describe the process. Questions regarding ethics complaints and arbitration requests handled by NC REALTORS should be directed to NC REALTORS®® Legal at (336) 294-1415. To contact the Real Estate® Agent Legal Helpline, log into your account on the NC Realtors website® to access this exclusive benefit. NC REALTORS members have access to over 100 contract forms® in interactive and non-interactive formats. The extensive library of forms includes residential, commercial, property management and auction forms. The forms are regularly developed and updated to keep them relevant in everyday real estate life. The new disclosure form and Q&A brochure can be found under Publications. The role of the Ombudsman is primarily communication and mediation, not case law. Mediators do not decide whether there has been a breach of ethics or whether an intervenor® is entitled to a commission; Rather, they anticipate, identify, and resolve misunderstandings and disagreements before issues turn into disputes and possible accusations of unethical behavior or formal requests for arbitration. RMAAR real estate agents have unlimited® and free access to the NCAR Legal Helpline.

Along with the legal hotline, experienced real estate attorneys employed by NCAR offer advice on topics such as North Carolina licensing law, contracts, agency relations, seller disclosure form, and more. Did you know that a call to a real estate lawyer costs an average of $250 per hour? With just one call to the legal helpline, you paid the NC REALTORS fee® in full for one year. Just another great advantage of being a real estate® agent. Don`t waste your time on forms, disclosure or rental law/landlord. Call NC REALTORS®` legal helpline at (336) 294-1415 for quick resolution so you can respond to your clients and business. Solve your toughest IT problems and questions with the latest member benefit of NC REALTORS, the technical support ® line. Designed to provide members with free technical support via email, chat, and toll-free number for NC REALTORS members®, you`ll find specific software products and hardware devices covered here. Contact us at 919-875-3700, via this website, or by email at the addresses listed below. We`re here to help. If you call and receive a voicemail, please leave a message and we will call you back The North Carolina Real Estate Commission building will remain closed to visitors. The 19th.

January 2022 at 9:00 a.m., the North Carolina Real Estate Commission meeting will be broadcast live to the public. Click here for quick access to a variety of resources to help you understand what it means to file and deal with an ethics complaint and request for arbitration, as well as the general process you can expect when filing an ethics complaint or request for arbitration with a local association of real estate brokers® and sales representatives. Check with your local association of real estate® brokers to make sure you have the correct forms required by that association. NAR also supports litigation of national importance to the real estate sector through financial support and the participation of Amicus. For more information and litigation assistance, visit the NAR Legal Action Program. View your CE history by logging into your license registration. Like a mediator, an ombudsman helps the parties find solutions. Mediation procedures are not a substitute for mediation; Rather, it is a more informal process that will take place earlier and, if successful, will avoid the need for a more formal mediation process and perhaps a formal hearing on ethics or arbitration. Search the Commission`s national database of active licensees.

Not all licensed real estate agents are real estate® agents. Real estate brokers and sales representatives differ from non-licensees® in that they voluntarily sign a strict code of ethics. North Carolina Real Estate Commission 1313 Navaho Drive Raleigh, NC 27609. Real estate agent organizations and associations are responsible for receiving and resolving ethics complaints and requests® for arbitration. This obligation is enforced by local, state and regional complaints committees and professional standards committees. Many complaints received by organizations and associations could be avoided through better communication and an initial problem-solving capacity at the local level. The NC Realtors` Ombudsman Program® is designed to provide this capability. “Real Estate Agent” ® means membership in the National Association of REALTORS® (“NAR”). In addition to being members of the NAR, real estate agents are members of a local and state association of real estate®® agents. If you believe that a real estate agent has violated one or more sections of the Code of Ethics, you may file an ethics complaint alleging a violation of the local association of real estate agents of which REALTOR is a member or participates in a multi-listing service owned or operated by a REALTOR®® association®®. You can search for a member`s local affiliation here.

Members of the public may join the meeting by videoconference by following the Zoom instructions posted on the NCREC website ( for registration by computer or telephone. If you choose to participate via smartphone rather than computer, please download the Zoom mobile app first. In addition, the Legal Affairs team works to protect and enhance the value of the REALTOR® brand through a robust brand protection program.