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Illegal activity accounts for a small fraction (3%) of what actually happens on the Bitcoin blockchain. Broadlands Mineral Advisory Services Barney Guarnera is an established international advisory firm recognized for its extensive expertise in the valuation of mineral properties and mining companies. Acted for Harmony Gold Mining Company in connection with various illegal squatters on its lands under Avgold`s mining law. Avgold is a wholly owned subsidiary of Harmony. Harmony and Avgold initiated eviction proceedings under the Prevention of Unlawful Evictions and Occupation Act to evict illegal squatters based, inter alia, on the environmental, health and safety impacts resulting from illegal squatters in a mining area. Acted for Harmony Gold Mining Company in connection with the negotiation of an agreement between Harmony and Buti Phakoe, who applied for a mining right to observe the sand adjacent to the Harmony Gold Mining Company mining area and to ensure that Buti Phakoe follows the correct procedures to obtain the required permits. Dorsey Mining Group lawyers are also aware of the unique property rights issues that are triggered in the development of public lands, including federal oil and gas and mineral claims, unpatented federal mining claims, and contracts for the sale of materials. A two-day event focused on the evolving and emerging challenges facing mining lawyers and the global mining industry. Eddie Tobis impresses his peers with his “strong quantum technical know-how and attention to detail.” It “constantly identifies issues that require mastery of the facts of the case.” Howard Rosen is “a brilliant expert” who is “articulate, responsive and quick when examined.” Chris Milburn has an excellent reputation with his colleagues in the mining industry as “a champion and one of the best in the mining levelling industry.” 2020 marked an inflection point for the sector, with ESG and energy transition/decarbonisation programmes becoming the main driver of investment decisions. For investors, lenders, governments and municipalities, ESG considerations are also critical to the reputation and success of the industry. We strive to improve the issues that are at the heart of the industry and its future with our clients, whose priorities are evolving in response to this shift in investor and other stakeholder sentiment. Combined with our long-standing ties to industry, government and local lawyers, this experience is so extensive that no other law firm is better positioned to advise you on issues that affect your business interests around the world, helping you make business and risk decisions that increase profitability and reputation throughout the mining and metals value chain. Mining projects in the United States are subject to strict and complex federal, state, local, and tribal laws and regulations that govern the environmental, health, and safety aspects of mineral operation, mining, and reclamation.

From NEPA to RCRA, Clean Water Act to Clean Air Act, and beyond, Dorsey`s lawyers have experience navigating these laws and work with the many government agencies that administer and enforce mining laws in the United States. We also have experience in all phases of obtaining mining permits and regularly represent mining clients in environmental and permitting challenges. Daniel Flores of Quadrant Economics is hailed as a “world-class expert” and a “very skilled communicator who has testified in dozens of high-stakes cases,” including numerous mining projects. Jordan Heim is praised for his “deep understanding of gold mining” and his ability to provide “a very detailed and thorough analysis.” Amid calls from industry participants for even wider adoption of bitcoin, either as a public investment tool or as legal tender, Schoar partnered with Igor Makarov, professor of finance at the London School of Economics and Political Science, to shed light on the bitcoin ecosystem. Trevor Ellis of Ellis International Service is a respected name in the marketplace who is revered for his immense experience as an expert witness for and against mining companies in complex litigation. Each year, the Who`s Who Legal: Mining Guide recognizes the best lawyers in the industry internationally and is widely regarded as one of the leading legal directories for mining. The results are based on an extensive research and consultation process involving industry experts from around the world to identify leading legal experts in the industry. Graham Clow is identified as a leading name in the mining industry, with sources claiming that he is “one of the best technical experts in mining”.

Brenna Scholey “has extensive technical knowledge of metallurgical issues and the ability to explain complex issues in simple terms that can be used by lawyers and valuation experts in their work.” Richard Lambert is a highly respected name in mining, according to colleagues who note that he “should definitely be on this list.” Deborah McCombe is a respected name in the Canadian mining market, with important recommendations from colleagues across the region for her expert practice.