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The Whistleblower Law Collaborative is one of the country`s leading whistleblower law firms, representing individuals or companies that learn about fraud and report wrongdoing. Our lawyers all have previous government experience and a passion for fighting fraud. We achieve excellent results in this very complex area of law and support our courageous clients every step of the way. Phillips & Cohen has won 13 client awards under the Dodd-Frank whistleblower rewards programs – more than any other law firm. Learn more. Our lawyers are nationally recognized, but remain deeply rooted in the local community. We are known for our aggressive representation of our clients and our rigorous preparation in all cases. And our lawyers are particularly familiar with whistleblower cases. Our lawyers will quickly determine the true nature of the dispute and advise clients on how best to achieve the desired legal outcome.

We represent whistleblowers for the same reasons brave men and women speak out against wrongdoing, injustice or fraud: we believe in accountability, justice and fairness, whether for taxpayers, investors, consumers, competitors or government. We are committed to working with FCPA whistleblowers, international NGOs and responsive government officials to fight corruption and promote transparency. NWC provides support through its partnership with an independent public interest law firm, the National Whistleblower Legal Defense and Education Fund (“Fund”). Whistleblowers can fill out a secure registration form that allows whistleblowers to provide basic information about their cases confidentially. The admission form and all communications with the Fonds are protected by professional secrecy. Over the past two decades, our dedicated whistleblower lawyers have received more than $450 million in whistleblower awards. Financial rewards for whistleblowers come from the recognition that whistleblowers often put their careers and livelihoods at risk to report wrongdoing, and should be compensated for their role in recovering funds from government, taxpayers, investors and others. Whistleblowers come to us because we understand the complex and ever-changing landscape of state and federal whistleblower laws. We have a proven track record of working closely and effectively with state and federal governments on behalf of our clients.

We bring to our cases the kind of resources and perseverance that the government sometimes cannot do. As whistleblowers, we have successfully represented clients under the False Claims Act and whistleblower laws that apply to the Internal Revenue Service, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, as well as state laws and other programs. With attorneys and competent whistleblower offices in California, Florida, New Jersey and New York, Dhillon Law Group offers extensive experience in representing individuals who have provided information, suffered retaliation in the workplace, or had their rights violated. Our lawyers provide representation in a range of whistleblowing cases: We defend and protect the identity of whistleblowers who report corporate crimes. P&C whistleblower case against pain clinic owners is part of $24.5 million settlement Constantine Cannon represented whistleblower Gwang Ho Kim, a former Hyundai engineer who exposed Hyundai and Kia`s efforts to deceive U.S. vehicle safety authorities. The Fund contracts with an experienced external whistleblower law firm whose lawyers are licensed in the District of Columbia. The lawyers at this law firm review each registration and make all decisions regarding the registrations. This examination is carried out free of charge free of charge.

The whistleblower in a tam lawsuit is usually a person with access to financial information who can prove that the defendant deliberately deceived the government to get more money than he was owed or to pay less money than he owed. The most common cases of Qui Tam involve fraud against government health programs – Medicaid and Medicare billing for services not provided, equipment never purchased, etc. There are laws that protect people`s right to express themselves when they witness illegal activities. For example, California`s whistleblower protection law provides strong safeguards for employees. These laws protect both public and private sector employees and also identify certain cases of retaliation as criminal offenses. But laws must be well understood and observed. This is where our whistleblowing lawyers can help. With offices in New Jersey, New York, California and Florida, Dhillon Law Group provides these services and is prepared to protect the rights of all employees who have chosen to report illegal activities.

The $37 million prize is probably the SEC`s largest award paid to international whistleblowers to date. The amount was based on monetary penalties imposed by the SEC and another U.S. agency. Tully Rinckey PLLC`s lawyers have extensive experience representing whistleblowers facing retaliation, including several high-profile cases. Because we understand that you probably had the best intentions to speak out against the wrongdoing you have seen, we take a personal interest in your case and fight vigorously for your rights. An example of how the NWC provides political support is its work in Congress to address delays in whistleblowing cases. In July 2019, the Taxpayer First Act was enacted and included NWC`s proposed protections against retaliation for tax fraud whistleblowers who file claims under the IRS whistleblower program.