Which of the following Is Not an Element to a Legal Contract Quizlet

As a result of several mergers and acquisitions, the shares of four companies were distributed among the companies. Each row in the following table shows the percentage of shares of the four companies that a particular company owns and the annual net income of each company (in millions of dollars): Chuck Wagon Grills, Inc. makes a single product – a handmade specialty grill that it sells for $210. Data for last year`s operations:210. The data relating to the previous year`s transactions are as follows:210.Data relating to the previous year`s operations: a) Prepare the journal entry to record the sale of these bonds on 1 January 2014. Ratzlaff issues 2 million (in euros), 10 years, bonds at 8% to 97, which bear interest on July 1 and January 1. Thus, AAA holds 71%71%71% of its own shares, 8%8%8% of the shares of company B, 3% B, 3%B, 3% of the shares of CCC company, etc. For the purposes of determining government corporation tax, each company`s taxable income is defined as its share of its own annual net income plus its share of the taxable income of each of the other corporations, determined by the percentages in the table. For example, suppose the company uses variable costs. Calculate the unit cost of the product for a grill. 2.

Suppose the company uses variable costs. Prepare an income statement in the form of a contribution for the year. 3. What is the company`s break-even point in terms of the number of grills sold? Identify the five biggest weaknesses of a planned economy.